Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Flashbacks...hijacked! Toy Story Edition

This is Geoffrey, Jennifer's devastatingly handsome and brilliant husband (her words not mine).  Recently I was drugged and forced to go see Toy Story 3.  I had resisted for several reasons but as I watched the movie the reason for my hesitation became clear.  Seeing Andy grown, and out growing those characters is my fear for what was happening in my life with my Buzz and Woody.
Easton and Nixon Christmas 1999

My two sons were tiny little guys when Toy Story came out.  They were in LOVE with Buzz and Woody.  Nearly every article of clothing, every toy, every cereal had a picture of either Buzz or Woody on it.  When we went to Disneyland they would follow Buzz around and yell "to infinity and beyond" as they trailed behind him. The laughed and played together and loved each other, looked out for each other, and especially they both looked out for Sara. 
They are not tiny little guys anymore.  They are two very different, beautiful young men who I am very proud of.  But seeing Andy put his toys away and prepare to go off to college brought home the realization that my time with these two is short.  My little Nixon will be on a mission in 5 years, Easton in 7.  I guess my biggest fear is that in my case I am the toys and eventually they will outgrow me. 

Those were my thoughts as tears rolled down my cheeks watching Andy leave Buzz and Woody behind.  We all have so little time with our children, I want to make the most of mine.  I want them to know that they are loved.  I love them completely, I love who they are and who they are trying to be.  I'm proud of the way they work, they raised the money to go to Jamboree on their own (special thanks to all who supported them with donations and work projects to reach that goal).  I hope they don't outgrow me, they will always be my little buddies.  I love you boys, be safe and be good examples, remember to pray and bath, mix in a toothbrush.  Look after each other and help others be part of your group.  Don't forget to come back to me and if you could each stop growing for a while that would be nice!  I love you!! Dad

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