Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - National Jamboree Edition

What else would be on my mind? 

1993 - Sara and I took a road trip with my mother, grandmother, sister Becky and brother Jeremy to Washington DC where we traipsed in and out of museums like super tourists and visited my brother Tim and dad at the National Scout Jamboree.  I remember it was hot, it was muggy, we saw cool stuff, it was hot, the fire alarm at our hotel sent us fleeing to the parking lot in our PJ's at 3 in the morning, we spent too much time in a van together getting there, and it was hot.  I distinctly remember the fire alarm incident because when we got to the stairwell, it was full of smoke and rather scary.  We reached the bottom floor and the emergency exit where 6 or 7 people were trying to get the door open with no success.  Suddenly, Becky - with all of her 10 year old strength - came flying past me, uttering a war cry that would scare the most savage warrior.  She threw her body into the door and it flew open as if it was made of balsa wood.  I bet those other people felt pretty dumb, but I've never feared for Becky's safety since then - I know she can summon her inner superwoman when she needs to.

It turns out that every night I had Sara color a picture and we wrote what we had done that day.  I put all those journal pages along with every ticket stub and brochure and picture we took into a 3 ring binder.  This furthers my theory that the drive to preserve our lives is in fact embedded in each of us! 

Sounds a little like a trip - minus the fire alarm incident - that Nixon and Easton are having now.
Some comparisons:
Sara and Jeremy in Recreation Hall at the Naval Academy - August 1993
Nixon and Easton's troop visiting Recreation Hall at the Naval Academy -  July 2010
Sara dancing with Grandma Sommers at Fort AP Hill - August 1993
Nixon, Tanner, and Easton at their camp - Fort AP Hill - July 2010
A Journal Page from our trip.  Sara was quite the artist!  I'll be thrilled if the boys come back with ANY kind of journaling!
Jennifer, Becky and Sara - easily entertained by fountains in Washington DC - August 2010
Easton, Nixon and Scout buddies - easily entertained in Washington DC by just about anything, including tacky souvenir T-shirts?! - July 2010

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