Monday, July 19, 2010

Tales From The Wasatch Back

Tales from the Wasatch back is a local radio series that tells about life here in the Park City area.  This year, Easton's writing teacher had the students write their own TFWB story and then she chose a few to submit to the station.  They called Easton and asked him to come in and record his tale - a literary classic about mosquito's.  I had never read it until the day he recorded.  Let's just say that Easton makes me laugh!

You can listen to his story here

In Jamboree news - the badges are sewn, the boys names have been sharpied onto everything they own, the bags have been checked and rechecked and packed and they are off!  They are on a plane as I type and I know they are already having fun! 

Easton is the youngest scout going in his Jamboree troop.  Plus he is very short.  He looked tiny this morning with all the other boys.  I was standing in the cold dark grocery store parking lot with a charter bus and a crowd of boys dressed alike and a crowd of moms who never want to buy anything at the scout office or sew another badge again.  I was thinking "Is Easton old enough for this?  Have we talked enough about Nixon and Easton looking out for each other?  Have we talked enough about keeping track of his stuff and his wallet?"  We've talked about nothing else for weeks!  The Senior Patrol Leader was checking the boys in and he gets to Easton and the next thing I hear is Easton yelling to me "Mom, do I have any money?  Where is it?"  Wait ....Whaaaaat?  We spent like an hour last night arranging everything into his wallet, practicing putting it in and out of his pocket and securing the pocket after he used the wallet.  The pocket his wallet was in AS HE WAS ASKING ME THIS QUESTION.  Let's just say that Easton makes me laugh.

The boys can't have phones, but I sure am glad their leaders do!  Will, Tanner, Easton, McKay and Nixon in the SLC airport this morning.

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Sue Coe said...

I agree with Easton!! (and I hope there's no mosquitoes at the jamboree!)